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Kiyomisandz Beauty Products is a two-time INNOVATION AWARD winning manufacturing company based in Windhoek, Namibia.

Our business is dedicated to helping grow the Namibian & African cosmetic & toiletry manufacturing industry. We wish to see more locally produced products made in Namibia and the rest of Africa on the market and international markets.

We pride ourselves in developing innovative products that meet international quality standards.

We, therefore, offer guides and solutions to certain clientele who wish to start developing their own cosmetic and personal care line.

The certain clientele we wish to work with are:

  • Hospitality & Tourism;
  • Retail Stores & Pharmacies
  • Significant Entrepreneurs
  • Ministry of Health, Hospitals, Clinics & Science Institutions

We gladly offer the following services:

  • Research & Product Development on ingredients, raw materials and cosmetics.
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care product formulations and methodology.
  • Quality Control & Stability Testing on selected cosmetics and personal care product types.
  • Manufacturing & Packaging of small to large quantity(starting from as low as 5kg) orders on various cosmetic and personal care product types.
  • Upgrading or improving the formulation of your current product.

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For a full brief consultation, a fee of N$ 1000 is required to book an appointment


All information received by Kiyomisandz will be considered confidential, for all purposes. No confidential information relating to this proposal will be disclosed to third parties, without prior written consent. Kiyomisandz will not grant access to third parties to any studies, reports, projects or information prepared by the customer, without the prior agreement of the customer. This information includes client information, product information, intellectual property and other information regarded by the party as confidential.


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