This month saw the newest collection from the Kiyomisandz Warehouse reach shelves at SuperSpar Grove and Medicine World Eros. Thanks to this move, SunDunes’ petroleum jellies are now available to the masses.
With its name drawn from two of the many distinct Namibian landscape characteristics, SunDunes is a body care product range inspired by the Namibian people, for the Namibian people.

Kiyomisandz’ CEO and cosmetic chemist Sandra Mwiihangele said, “We have been able to succeed and expand thanks to the support received from the Namibian community, so this one is truly for them”.
The SunDunes range consists of five jumbo sized assorted petroleum jellies, all colour-themed according to the Namibian flag, and is rich in herbal extracts and essential oils – sure to bring new life to petroleum jellies as we know it.
These petroleum jellies incorporate nourishment and functionality, all in one. “Providing additional functions to a staple household product maximizes the customer experience,” Sandra says.

Unlike the Summer Rain collection, everyone can now enjoy a Kiyomisandz product, designed to be used by the whole family. “We put in a great deal of effort to provide a product that is affordable, without compromising on its quality,” Sandra says.
The collection is fresh and vibrant, with refreshing scents to heighten your senses. With names to fit the coloured themes, it adds a uniqueness to all the respective products in the range.
With many more products to be released under this range, this is an exciting new venture for the company. As Kiyomisandz prides itself in producing only the best, expect nothing less than from this award-winning company.
SunDunes petroleum jellies are available online at for only N$58.99 for 400g. You can also find them at Medicine World Eros and SuperSpar Grove and Lady P Pharmacy.
Follow them online to stay connected with more products to come on Instagram: @sundunes_ks and on Facebook: SunDunes Body Care Products.
Experience the SunDunes Body Care Range and experience new-found skin radiance!

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